“When the creative spirit stirs, it animates a style of being: a lifetime filled with the desire to innovate, to explore new ways of doing things, to bring dreams to reality.” (Paul Kaufman)

I love this quote – but I think that it needs adding that this ‘creative spirit’ needs to work around kids, housework, the accounts, the laundry and a couple of glasses of wine with friends….This is where the rubber hits the road, where great design stands out from that which is just beautiful and inspirational. This is a blog that explores Architecture ideas for the home, I am interested in the structure and the framework of our lives and how buildings can serve and envelope these – improving the wellbeing of our families, friends, neighbourhoods and cities….

Inspiration for an Architect can come from so many sources. Buildings, spaces, light, family, food, culture, history, landscape, the simple ways we  live our everyday. I believe architecture should be accessible and achievable.  It’s about homes that make the most of their light, site and space and budget to create a healthy, warm environments to grow, share, learn. Good architecture not only shelters but also encourages and inspires. I guess I hope to let this blog share a little of the inspiration I see as an Architect living and working in New Zealand.

My main business site is at http://www.donnellday.co.nz/journal, this is my original wordpress home that I have maintained as my personal page.

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  1. I’m so jealous! I’ve always wished to have the vision and talent to be an architect. Growing up, we lived in a series of houses that my mother’s cousin(an architect) designed for us. I used to love to sit at the kitchen table and watch as he and my parents worked on the designs.


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