Another busy week comes to an end. I hope you have something relaxing planned for the weekend!

We were fortunate to have a break in Matakana recently, visiting the markets, exploring in the rain, and staying in a lovely bach built a few years ago now with some architecture details and materials that I thought may be of interest.

It is a nice little example of  holiday home that adopts a careful palette of materials, economy of form, and a few sustainable ideas thrown in for good measure.

matakana markets

matakana riverside3

matakana riverside

matakana riverside4

matakana riverside6

matakana riverside2

matakana riverside5

Although because it was based on a template, while the house layout works for some positions on the large site, it certainly doesn’t for others – resulting in a few privacy issues between houses (refer trees)  there’s something to be said for site specific design then….! But other than that it was all good, and as you can see a lovely setting – very relaxing and great to spend time with the family.


Have a great weekend!

Riverside Matakana


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