We are going through a website update here at donnell&day, and its so exciting to see everything come together slowly,  I hope to share it with you in a few weeks.  But I do have a question you may be able to help me with….

It’s such a funny feeling being the other side of the design fence as a client and relying on a graphic designer to interpret and listen to my ideas (rather than me interpreting my clients dreams for their house and giving them a  physical form) but it’s a good insight on how people feel when dealing with the creative professions. I have to say I was reassured when his final comment at our first meeting was ‘ dont worry, we’ll look after you…’


Although I’m not sure he has had the pleasure of an architect for a client before …. he keeps asking me for references and in my typography research I keep getting distracted by incredible 3d paper sculpture and graphic art…. So I thought I would ask what YOU would want in an architect, what do you want to know, feel, hear, trust……? We all know there are poor performers – but lets look at it from a different angle, what makes one GREAT, what would make the experience of designing your new site specific home amazing?

Any thoughts, experiences to share…?

dda web 01

dda web02

dda web03

dda web04


4 thoughts on “website

  1. I have some thoughts on this one Lisa… I think you’ve hit the nail on the head when describing how you felt reassured after your meeting with your graphic designer- feeling as though you are in good hands. Comments such as ‘it will be fantasic’ or ‘I’ll work on that and it’ll be really cool’ are always great to hear when you are the client. This means you can relax a bit and don’t have to spend time worrying about the details. It all comes back to trust really, trusting that the architect has understood what you are trying to achieve and that when they say it will be great- it actually is! Has the architect taken the time to understand how you use your space and do they give the impression they care about your project… if you don’t get that from them I don’t think you could ever relax as a client.
    You are so good at all of the above…I always felt reassured during the process (as far as we got).

  2. Oh so lovely to hear that, thank you! Yes – I certainly feel that working with a graphic designer, if they are excited about the job and really take the time to ‘get’ you, you know that it will be ok and that they have caught your vision and are passionate about it as well – good to hear that it translates into the architecture field too. Hope you and your family are well – we’ll have to catch up for a coffee!


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