Using construction materials that are sourced from the local area helps the building to ‘fit’ with its context. It just feels right. We we loved seeing the use of the local South Island Schist as we travelled around Lake Hayes. Such a beautiful rock with a metallic shimmer to it and a it’s a joy when it is contrasted against the rugged hills that are formed from the same material. This area is full of vineyards where the vines are infused with the flavour of the glacial schist soils – its great when you see that principle translated into the architecture as well.






Amisfield winery  is a sustainable vineyard, where they pride themselves on working with nature rather than against it. They have a bistro/resturant on the edge of Lake Hayes, that was built by Warren and Mahoney, which uses Glenorchy Schist and recycled timber beams from an old bridge. They do a great pinot noir as well….!


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