I am always on the lookout for opportunities for the kids to grow or harvest their own food, then learn how to cook it themselves! This weekend we had a wonderful family reunion that coincided with a bumper blackberry crop along the edges of the bush reserves. We sent the young cousins out foraging with bowls amidst the briars and they returned with laden vessels, black stained fingers and just a few war wounds….


02collecting berries


So a simple recipe was required to use a little of this bounty, persuade the kids into the kitchen, and to help prepare dessert for the aunts, uncles, cousins, sisters, brothers and parents and grand parents …. no pressure then….

Take a few sheets of flaky pastry and lay on a lined oven tray, score a 2 cm boundary all around. Cover with a thickened creme patisserie within the margin (egg yolks, milk, vanilla beans and a little flour…) and overlay sliced apples (soaked in brown sugar, lemon juice and lemon zest for a few hours or overnight, then drained).

(Ok  I will admit to preparing the creme patisserie a little earlier that morning …. much as I would like to confess to training youngsters in the art of a non-curdling anglaise – we’re not quite there yet…!)


Sprinkle over a generous helping of freshly picked blackberries (while eating a few) and then glaze the bare margin with a little beaten egg.
05blackberries apples

easter 13

Bake in a hot oven till crisp and dark, then leave to cool. Enjoy with few extra fresh berries, cream on the side, and  congratulations to the kids for a job well done!


Based on the Apple Galette recipe by  Bourke Street bakery


2 thoughts on “blackberries

  1. Looks delicious! Lisa, this Easter, I did remember our Easter with you guys and Babies Thomas and Hannah. The blackberry harvest at Taupo and the resulting dessert will remain as treasured memories.


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