daily life

When life gets super busy, its time to get organised. I find I sketch better, design better and am generally calmer when there is some sort of order to the daily life chaos. That does however mean organising the family as well…. which is easier said than done….

The swell of recent work combined with the shifting winds of household organization each day creates a wave that needs skill to surf. I needed a strategy (or a cleaner, but a strategy was affordable…). So I started with the laundry – the general drop zone for school bags, shoes, coats etc. Giving everyone their own new cubbyholes meant that there was a way of tracking their own gear easily each morning, each afternoon, it’s finally a system that works!
Then I tackled Miss 5’s room….a mission in itself as unfortunately she inherits my genes for collecting bits and pieces, usually TINY bits and pieces…. Fortunately Alison from Agnes Coy came to the rescue with some beautiful denim fabric baskets that are the perfect size for little treasures and are just stunning.

There’s certainly more to be done (don’t get me started on Lego bits), but its a beginning…..!


agnes coy02

agnes coy03

agnes coy04


agnes coy


Do visit Alisons Blog at http://sotreadsoftly.wordpress.com/


4 thoughts on “daily life

  1. I missed this post for some reason and have just spotted it whilst grabbing the link to your blog for someone who asked us to recommend an architect. No contest! Donnell & Day all the way. No need to look anywhere else. Thank you so much for showing the fabric baskets and for the links to my site. I love how they look on Miss 5’s white unit.


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