With the summer harvest in full swing, the green waste recycling capabilities on our tiny site become rather stretched. My creative husband came up with a good use of our brick pallets and has constructed recycled compost bins. The sections can be taken apart and a  couple of these bins should help deal with the growing autumn garden clear-out that we need to get on to!

compost bin

garden 112

We have had an abundance of tomatoes, corn, beans, cucumbers and berries this year.  How can one not be inspired by the stunning colours of summer!

purple beans


garden 009

The stars of the summer garden are always the tomatoes – this year we tried San Marzano cooking tomatoes for roasting and pasta sauces and some black cherry tomatoes for salads and lunchboxes.

garden 002

garden 01

garden 015

So I guess its now time to head out to the garden and begin the big clear-out –  then start getting the winter garden underway….. Have a great weekend!


6 thoughts on “Recycle

  1. We just had our midwinter taste of Summer yesterday, the street sounding like a playground through the open window, and now your taste from the southern half! No need for groundhogs this year.

  2. Hi David, its such a lovely feeling when you can hear and taste spring arriving. After a long hot summer I’m looking forward to not having to get out the sunblock on a daily basis and the cooler days of autumn!


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