architecture detox

Hear that sound? That’s the exhale of working mothers throughout the country as their precious little ones head back to school. It’s been a great break to focus on the kids, walks, the beach, the pool, and simple bach architecture. But after such a period of play, it leaves one eager to get back to the drawing board to instill those germinating ideas into work again.
Getting back to basics has benefits. Moving away from the computer gives you time to look, observe, think, plan, watch the path of the sun, the movement of the wind, the prime locations to relax, entertain, socialize, eat and rest during the course of the day. Working out the best porch size for the collection of beach towels and sandy jandals, the essential basics for cooking and sleeping. Getting out of the city ensures our urban family reconnects with the land, the bush, the water and reminds us of how architecture could, and should, interact with it. Great holiday ‘bach’ architecture works where the focus is on simple living and letting the environment do the talking to soothe and detox busy lives.
So with an abundance of beautiful projects on our boards, others about to be built, and many ideas to develop and grow, it’s with just a little excitement that I wave the kids off to school and hope their learning journey in 2013 will be as equally inspiring as their summer!














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