It has been a year of blogging!

A year in which the main focus of my work was to produce achievable architecture for families, to help people build and renovate their homes well.  I have tried to use the blogging platform to share little moments of architecture inspiration that come from such a wide range of sources, initially starting out on Posterous and then WordPress (where there is such a wonderfully supportive blogging community!) I wanted to share ideas that are not just architecture related but also speak about light, life and living – design that is relevant and real, rather than exclusive and expensive. Its been important to me to learn  how to respect ethical blogging by gathering original content, (or copyright free images or asking permission if I wanted to feature others work). Its been a year which has included a fundraising cookbook, raising  beautiful kids ,  DIY’ing the house and garden (actually I probably should credit the DIY to my ever so patient, talented and supportive other half!), *tried* to train a puppy

(Note this list carefully omits the pile of washing in the laundry, the kitchen drawers that need tidying, the pantry that needs filling and the rolled eyes of the husband as he sees me working late into the night to finish some drawings I am passionate about!).

upon afold5

As an architect it all helps to enrich my understanding of how homes need to respond to the families that live within them, the inspiration of  life and rituals are important in designing homes that have soul, that feel right, that have spirit, that are responsive to their environment, site and climate. That is what I hope this little journal gives a glimpse of – not just a recommendation to buy things or have the latest gear, but how to really SEE the quality of the spaces around us and how they impact on our daily lives.



I was also nominated for a little Leibster Award by Terrier Logic (basically a way of spreading the news about new bloggers, but I’m not so great at following all the rules….). In its essential form as a reference tool, I will gladly pass the batten and share with you a few wonderful fresh WordPress bloggers that have inspired me over this first year with their original content, authenticity, creativity and something interesting to say,  do check them out!

1. So Tread Softly – the Agnes Coy Journal.

2. Warren Lawson, Architect – architecture of the earth and the living.

3. Victoria Elizabeth Barnes – the trials and tribulations of restoring an 1890 Victorian house.

4. Architecture History Daily – All the fascinating fun of architectural history, with none of the painful side effects of going to class.

I’ll leave you with some images of the amazing cards sourced from ‘Upon a fold‘ that I simply could not resist this year!  (who also just happen to have a great blog!)

5. Upon a fold  – paper architecture

Have a great Friday and thanks for all your encouragement!

upon a fold1 upon afold4

uponafold7 upon afold6




10 thoughts on “anniversary

  1. For partially selfish reasons, I really hope you keep blogging 🙂 Each time I read your posts I feel this sense of spaciousness and calm, and find myself thinking of the light and beauty everywhere – in houses, books, the sky, Wellington…… for those reasons (and not limited to) I really enjoy your blog. Thank you.

    Happy bloggiversary!

  2. This post gave me tingles! Happy Blogging Anniversary Lisa! You’re an incredible woman!
    Thank you for the link to my blog. So glad that you enjoy visiting it.

  3. Thankyou Alison, you have in return inspired me with your beautiful vision and amazing work, and thankyou David for your encouragement! Its been a great blogging learning curve, looking forward to the next year!

  4. Happy one year!! Thank you so much for the mention!!

    I still have a few months before I hit the year mark, but I am amazed how fast it’s gone…and, also amazed at how much time I’ve spent on the internet! I think one of my New Year’s resolutions is going to need to be better management of time!!

    p.s.- beauty of blogging—omitting that pile of laundry.

  5. Ha, yes the pile of laundry is the tip of the titanic sized housework iceberg that threatens my full steam ahead mode. I’m needing some time management resolutions as well!!! Love your blog – it reminds me Im not the only one with an admirable collection of stain samples and carpet swatches and an extensive DIY list for my other half (well it makes up for my housework list I figure!)


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