work in progress – part 3


Labour Day Weekend in our house this year was exactly that.  As Architects we regularly have to write a ‘defects’ list towards the end of a job, which often includes any issues with paint finishes – with our house and its DIY internal paint finish we would be up to a volume or two. The first tip that I can share is that it’s a really GOOD IDEA to complete painting before you move into your new house. Once you (your kids, your pets and your stuff) move in, it may take approximately a year and a half before you get around to finishing it off, or maybe that’s just us, that’s more likely come to think of it….. Somehow there are always more important things to do on the house, with the kids, in the garden, or working on other people’s projects.  This weekend we finally finished painting the last coat on the skirtings and the architraves, next weekend we’ll address the patchy walls. My second tip is try to avoid painting at night (and in a hurry), unless you have access to seriously good floodlights! Due to our ‘move in’ date being set we originally painted all hours to try to get the main rooms finished before D Day – the result being a less than average performance – from a distance no worries, close up…. well it was just embarrassing really….

The good news is that its got that new house feel about it again. Just a few more items on the DIY ‘to do list’ and we could get it nailed within the next year and a half….!


3 thoughts on “work in progress – part 3

  1. Yes, and like the builders house that is never finished, in this case its the architects house…. I think its compounded by the sheer stubborn refusal to hire someone to do the job when you KNOW you could do it, if ONLY you had the time!!!!!


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