A&M Brighton College

Having worked for Allies and Morrison in London many years ago, when you come across a new building in a magazine you can instantly recognise the detailing that you spent many hours learning while in their studio. So it was no surprise to see this lovely building in Brighton College (UK) and know it was a classic A&M design with its traditional form yet crisp contemporary edges. It compliments the old historical buildings of the area beautifully with its proportions, yet does not mimic them.

The existing building that it joins is a Grade 2 listed 19th Century Boarding house. The main volume of the new extension is set back from this boundary wall to give the old form space to breathe. On the other side it opens out onto a new external stepped courtyard. The external cladding is a terracotta battened rain screen which compliments the rich detailing, colour and texture of the surrounding brick buildings.

A lovely example of a building fitting in well with its context.


Architects: Allies and Morrison

Article: Dezeen

Photographer: Robin Hayes (thankyou!!!)

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