How do you clean your home? Architects design beautiful homes – but when it comes to the practicality of cleaning some of those shiny, extra matt or extra white surfaces that have been specified, it’s often left to the home owner to find their own techniques. With all the effort to make our home as eco-friendly as possible, it seemed slightly strange to me to be using multiple sprays and chemicals on a daily basis to maintain a basic level of hygiene. Switching to baking soda and lemon juice concoctions didn’t agree with the stainless steel bench which responded with a cheery smeary smiles all over its face. However, when it came to the discovery of a purely fibre and water technique that cleans your home properly, thoroughly and streak free, well I was up at 9.00 at night cleaning the shower with them to see if it was true. It is, and its a joy to use!

Being an architect, there is a difficulty with promoting products  (mention ‘paid whisky endorsement’ and ‘architect’ in NZ and it will reveal a  promotional furore). Being a mother coughing through shower cleaner fumes and a desire to leave my home both clean and chemical free I can tell you it starts with E and ends with O. Pretty sure there must be other fibre and water cleaning methods out there, but am thrilled with the difference its made. And no I’m not getting paid to say this, (aside from a free laundry bag for a house demo), I just have mild evangelistic tendencies … and a house with a stainless steel bench, lots of glass etc etc….



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