Its been another busy week. Full of architecture, drawings, details, and meeting some great families with wonderful dreams for their homes. Surprisingly we hit 500 on the Pinterest board this week. As the boards are all categorised under obscure subheadings I always assumed it would rarely come up in any ‘searches’,  however there are clearly quite a few fellow architecture addicts out there!

Today’s Flickr creative commons inspiration looks at a selection of arched spaces.

Flickr :Peoples Gas education Pavillion Lincoln Park Zoo.

Inspired by the tortoise shell, its laminated structure consists of prefabricated, bent-wood members and a series of interconnected fiberglass pods that give global curvature to the surface. Architect: STUDIO GANG ARCHITECTS

The Arches, Glasgow.

The long room at Trinity College, Dublin.

Pompeii, Italy, 1895. View from Baths of Stabiae

Adler and Sullivan – Dining room.

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