taming nature

Capability Brown famously compared the structure of his gardens to the structure of a sentence: “there I make a comma, and there, where a more decided turn is proper, I make a colon; at another part, where an interruption is desirable to break the view, a parenthesis; now a full stop, and then I begin another subject”.

My garden stubbornly refuses to be subjected to such structure. Happy to mix its metaphors and ignore its punctuation, it has once again confounded my idea of order. My ideas of white freesias and a row of white magnolias have been foiled by the freesias blooming in purple and three of the four magnolias in fresh white while the third is a wonderfully stubborn pink… I have absolutely no idea what it is…. A row of rosemary over the wet winter has decided to cull itself down to 4 out of the 7 planted, looking decidedly gap toothed.

But its Spring! Despite the upsetting of  best laid plans, it’s kind of nice that nature has its own way of deciding how its going to be. The promise of new leaves, plum blossoms and tomato seedlings are more than compensation for a few random elements. It leaves me to wonder what other surprises lay in store this season….


3 thoughts on “taming nature

  1. Thankyou! It’s almost compulsory to wax poetical about the first hint of spring …. pity I dont have “a crowd, a host, of golden daffodils!”


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