Cockle Bay

Today I did the unthinkable, the most outrageous thing possible for an architect working from home – I had a 30min *lunchbreak*. Typically one does not move from the desk due to deadlines and the urgency to get AS MUCH achieved as possible before the kids arrive home from school …. however  it is something that just had to be done. The sun was shining for the first time in days, and my architecture assistant was starting to chew the furniture….. So we went down the hill to Cockle Bay where the tide was in. I walked, Molly dug, then we returned home refreshed, inspired and ready to tackle the drawings.

Next time I should probably take some food …. I’d forgotten that part of ‘lunch break’….


2 thoughts on “Cockle Bay

  1. It is lovely – and this is still officially winter as well! I need to remind myself to make the most of the wonderful places on my doorstep sometimes!


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