Ray Kappe – an architects home

This house has become a favourite of mine, Ray Kappe designed this home for himself and his family in 1967 in Los Angeles.

“What I wanted to do as an architect,” he says, “was to continue what had been laid out by the early modern architects.” He thought people should “come out of cooped-up houses and enjoy nature and space, and live in houses that were more of their time.”

It sits on solid rock, and the multiple levels respond to the contours of the site – the manipulation of space and the freedom to explore different ways of living is fantastic. How wonderful to enjoy such rooms and vistas and what an inspiration in the use of timber and texture. To me this is what an architect designed house is about – it’s the difference in the experience,  in the celebration of daily rituals and family life, the celebration of construction and detailing! The photography of Joao Canziani captures these moments beautifully – the shafts of light outside, the moments of transition from one space to another, the feel of a lived in and loved family home.

I was once asked what I think are the ten most important principles that helped make me a successful architect, planner, and educator…

(1) Think positively, not negatively.
(2) Accept structure but know that it is to be questioned and broken when necessary.
(3) Always be willing to explore, experiment and invent. Do not accept the status quo.
(4) Know yourself and keep your work consistent with who you are and how you think.
(5) Maintain good moral and social values.
(6) Be humble, honest, compassionate, and egalitarian.
(7) Have conviction about your work.
(8) Be open and say yes to most ideas and requests. The good ones will be valuable, the bad ones will cease to exist.
(9) Allow employees and fellow workers freedom and the ability to work to their strengths. Avoid hierarchy.
(10) Money should be the residual of work, not the goal. But do not compromise your worth.”

Ray Kappe.

Great philosophy!

Read more: http://www.dwell.com/articles/Level-Best.html#ixzz22ounWViF

Ray Kappe Quotations: http://www.kappedu.com/RayKappe.html

Photographer: João Canziani Photographer www.joaocanziani.com and www.subliminous.com (STUNNING photography!!!!)


4 thoughts on “Ray Kappe – an architects home

  1. Having been both in his house as well as driven by it more times than I can count, Kappe’s house is truly a master work. Very dramatic and connected to the earth in ways few designed houses ever are. Nice selection, Lisa!

  2. I am very envious you have been able to visit this house on a regular basis! To see and experience such amazing architecture we have to traverse oceans….I think that is the reason Kiwis are such keen travellers….!


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