The genes for making and creating run deep in our family – the gift of sewing however is not one of them. My mother is the most amazing seamstress – making most of our clothes during our childhood. We played, drew pictures, sorted buttons into various vessels and used them to decorate and make houses for our dolls while she sewed. We learnt quickly not to slide our feet along the carpet in the event missing pins had embedded themselves in the weave.

I had reason to venture into my sewing kit this week and delighted in the discovery of forgotten treasures – they brought back memories of sunny afternoons in the ‘rumpus’ room, the whir of the sewing machine, and that embedded desire from childhood to MAKE something….


5 thoughts on “thimbles

  1. Thankyou, that’s wonderful to hear! I have a ‘soft filter/gauze’ lens of memory over the objects themselves so its hard to know sometimes if it reads well to anyone else!


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