Monday morning coffee

Its Monday, and raining. I have a lot to do before the next child succumbs to the dreaded ‘pox’, but I had to pause when I saw this great graphic. I love architecture, I love coffee – the two are forever intertwined since student days when we used to brew black coffee in the studio to get through the late nights – without milk of course, not because we liked it that way, but because the unrefrigerated milk in a jar from home was forever going off. (I have to wonder whether the experimental jar positioned on the top of the aircon duct has been discovered yet…)

Unlike many architects with a strict aesthetic sensibility who wouldn’t dare look a cappuccino in the froth… I  like the variations of architecture through the ages and  the different styles reflected in people’s homes – after all it’s an expression of  ideas, people’s dreams and thoughts,  expressions of ways of living, values and beliefs – it’s amazing, rich and diverse!

I love seeing houses that become homes through individual additions, a touch of sugar here and there, materials so powerful you could stand a spoon up in them – which then go on to show how they can blend seamlessly to create a totally new taste when you turn the corner. The alchemy of lives and architecture – not just for a tidied up photo shoot  – but how they function at different times of the day for the morning latte, the mid morning cappuccino, the afternoon espresso…

Well for the record  (and with a light-hearted approach!)  I very loosely group the following ideas on my Pinterest site. I know its going to horrify analytical minds – but for those of us with amiable and ‘big picture’ driver characters ( and too many serious tendencies in our lives anyway) see if you can catch the ‘feeling’ …!

Latte: Milky white, clean and homely – comfort and familiarity. Often featured in Scandinavian interior design blogs in simple open spaces and clean-cut lines.

Espresso: Strong, full of character – houses for the caffeine (architecture) addicts out there… often characterised by black, white, and rectangular lines. The architects beverage of choice.

Grande Macchiato: Strong architecture on a large-scale – often with a froth of architectural detailing to make it interesting.

cappuccino:Frothy, light – architecture of individuality, collections, colour and personality (and a scattering of chocolate). Now  this could expand enormously into sub categories as there is always an element of  surprise when a cappuccino arrives at your table – cinnamon (retro), chocolate shavings (folds), perhaps a mixture of both – but as I look through the collection now  many consist of ‘surprising’ forms or ‘bubble lamps’ of some sort…

Tea: Ok not strictly coffee but falls into the caffeine bracket… Classic, civilised, vintage, and the ceremony of afternoon tea.

And finally Affogato, well not actually architecture  – but the things in architecture that make it sweet – family, food, our daily lives. Take black coffee and add ice cream – how good is that….



Have a great monday!




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