small bathroom tips

Renovating a small bathroom can be a challenging task – especially when you are trying to build to a small budget.

1. Keep an eye out for sales of quality fittings and tiles and bathroom specific light fittings to help stretch the dollars.

2. Don’t be frugal on the waterproofing behind tiles, bath or shower areas. Go for a good waranteed product with a certified installer – this will help prevent  future leaks within your home.

3. Look out for opportunities to put recessed storage in the walls. Mirror cabinets/shelving that use an internal wall cavity space, rather than protruding into the room, will give you a less cluttered appearance.

4. For future maintenance, ensure you have a 100-150mm splashproof upstand behind the basin area as this area is likely to deteriorate over time.

5. Look for wall mounted fittings that make cleaning a breeze and give a little breathing space to a very small room.

6. Dont worry about dark or light colours – often its recommended to go for light tone, which does help give a sense of openness, however a small dark tiled or timber bathroom can also have a special intimate feel – especially when lit by candlelight!

7.  Ventilation is important in any bathroom – ensure you have a good ventilation extract fan to remove the moisture from your home above any bath or shower space. There are new low energy fans that use humidity sensors to turn themselves off and on when required.

All the best with your project!!!

Photo Credits

Donnell & Day Architecture Ltd –

Photographer – Kim Neville –



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