small dogs and trying to ‘maintain appearances’…

We had a photoshoot at our place last week, with multiple people coming in and out the door over the course of a morning. Of course you naturally want to present the place at its best, however with a small dog and small children, that is never 100% possible. The fur, oh the fur that this small animal can produce is incredible. What is more, the children are wonderful transporters of previously mentioned abundant fur by giving the small dog a rough but affectionate hug then taking fur through rest of house attached to their clothes.

I have to remind myself that I can’t and never should aspire to live in a ‘show home’, but be super satisfied that my home is where the people (and small animals) that I love are, the walls and (wonderfully washable concrete) floor…are to keep them warm and dry and provide a loving and nurturing environment for them to live and grow in… fur and all…..!


4 thoughts on “small dogs and trying to ‘maintain appearances’…

  1. I’ve been through this four times in my house and each time I look around at how tidy and uncluttered it is hoping for it to remain that way. Guess what, it can’t. My wife reminds me often that we don’t live in a museum despite my efforts to try. Home should be comfortable.

  2. Thats so true! As you say in your blog – it is so difficult when you are in the industry and you are constantly reminded of the perfect ‘ideal’ or the perfect ‘vision’ of what it could be, and easy to forget how ‘crafted’ those architecture shots in the magazines so often are! I love it when I find a good book or blog that illustrates how life really is, yet finds beauty in some of those everyday details, or buildings that adapt well to the daily chaos!!!!


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