cupcake season

Its been a week full of cupcakes, butter icing and bright colours – so what better way to complete it than with a post on one of our children’s rooms. This little space had great bones, but was a pretty blank canvas. Inspired by a Tintin poster (who wouldn’t be!), existing curtains and the little boys love of stars and moons, we used the key colours of Resene True Blue and Resene Rocket Red against neutral white walls and cabinetry. To protect the parents from too much acid colour, we concealed some colour surprises inside the cabinets of Bright orange, red and ‘Splish Splash’ blue (which turned out rather applicable as that was the one he ended up hiding a hermit crab in for a week…..). It was completed to a budget of $750.00, which included finds of a bright orange shagpile rug and retro orange globe lampshades, but also a lot of DIY including making the portable cabinets and rocket facing from scratch.


Donnell & Day Architecture Ltd.



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