apples and sunshine

There are some buildings that become favorites, even though they were built several years ago – they have the qualities that are timeless. I love finding well designed small homes as they often take more skill to design well than some of the larger projects – every meter and every material has a purpose it must play, there’s simply no room in the space or budget for empty gestures. This house is only 80m2 and nestled into an apple orchard in the Hawkes Bay (NZ) by Atelier Workshop (Wellington). The simple volumes and clever use of materials create such a beautiful space. Passive Solar design and low energy use is also considered, as well as context references to historical design in the local area. A great little home.

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Mckenzie House / Atelier Workshop Mckenzie House / Atelier Workshop (22) – ArchDaily.


Architect: Atelier Workshop (thankyou!)

Photographer: Paul MCredie




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