Work in Progress – part 2.

If you have been following our house build progress here and here you’ll know we are up to tackling the garden. I nurtured tiny seedlings and cuttings while the house was being built in an effort to save a little money (although after the number of bags of potting mix required I’m beginning to wonder whether it actually achieved that goal!). We got the vege garden underway pretty early, and this week I’ve been busy making chilli jam with the abundance available.

Now its up to finishing off the borders behind the fences and along the driveway. These are full of fruit trees and natives, although there is one little area next to the courtyard (see below) which is for my husband. My vege garden (and gardening technique) is a little random at the best – he needed a contemplative space. Its sure not that now (especially with the kids making huts in it), but hopefully with a bit of time it may be!




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