Another busy week. I have been visiting several homes this week which require renovation work to breathe fresh life into them. It reminded me of a home that we worked on a few years ago where they both extended the house and also added a new kitchen. It’s amazing what a difference fresh cabinetry, well thought out layouts and clever storage can make to how a family lives.

In this project, it needed to be a fairly neutral kitchen to simplify a busy space. We worked around the existing window joinery and form of the house to enable them to stick to their budget. By concealing a working bench behind folding doors it leaves the main areas on display free from clutter. One feature of this brief was a separate coffee making bench at the end of the kitchen, this keeps the coffee maker in the family (and associated coffee grounds…!) away from the main dinner prep areas and the ‘head chef’. High platter display areas kept these beautiful items away from kiddies who tended to want to re-arrange them when they were at low level.

Photo Credits: Kim Neville Photographer (copyright)

Architecture: Donnell & Day Architecture Ltd






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