my cup of tea…

After living in a bungalow for several years, I began to appreciate the beauty, the nostalgia of creating a home using age-old materials with a touch of history. I confess it took me a little time to get back in touch with the more ‘romantic’ interior design styles after the rigour of architecture schooling where  ‘ornamentation’ ( if I am permitted to call it that without an architectural debate!)  was not regarded quite as highly as crisp, hard-edged clean forms that celebrated the external weathering, patina and light.

However are they really that different? In essence there is a similarity – there is an honesty and dignity in the use of materials in their untouched state, or expressing and celebrating time through weathering. The sustainability of items that can be used and reused through generations because of their inherent quality. I enjoy celebrating the rituals of setting the table with flowers and nice linen when I have the chance and finding furniture that has its own story etched into its surfaces.

(The lovely examples below are from the Pale and Interesting shop in the UK which illustrates some beautiful items that would fit in many homes that celebrate daily life in a timeless way.)

pale and interesting - metal chairs


Pale and Interesting (thankyou)!


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