Small yet perfectly formed…

Dont let size fool you into thinking that you are getting less for your money. This immaculately detailed 100m2 house illustrates how a small footprint does not compromise the experience of a home. The crisp detailing, carefully positioned windows, skylights and overhangs means that the economic considerations are balanced against great design that gives you more for less.

I was captivated by this little building, then, as I researched who had designed it – realised that I worked with Mark at Allies and Morrison many years ago. It’s so exciting to see what his practice is up to and the beautiful detailing that they focus on.

The design encompasses many of the key elements of trying to build architecture beautifully yet affordably.

  1. Keep the form simple
  2. Focus on key areas where you want to spend your money (the kitchen joinery here is a crucial part of the crafted feeling to the living space)
  3. Allow light and height to create volume rather than a large footprint.
  4. Choose materials carefully and wisely, Use affordable materials creatively and select the more expensive ones as highlights. Simple fittings in bathrooms.
  5. Position windows where they are needed most.

Amazing work – looking forward to see the next stage of the project and future work from this practice.


Architects: Design office,  Mark Simpson and Damien Mulvihill. (beautiful models!)

Photographer: Scottie Cameron (thankyou!) (fantastic photos -do visit his site).

via Dezeen » Blog Archive » Goldfields Dwelling by DesignOffice. Find more information about the house and Design office in Dezeen



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