Lintels, lego and lemon meringue pie….

In an ideal world today I would be sketching artistically with some cool music in the back ground, surrounded by a creative arrangement of inspiring images and collections wearing the obligatory architects black.

In reality, over the weekend, my studio is deeply embedded in daily life. My kids played happily together today with Lego men and Strawberry Shortcake putting out fires and rescuing Lemon Meringue Pie from a tragic fate while I calculate lintel sizes and brush dog hair from my dress. I am now listening to the increasing volume of the kids dancing to Rihanna and something about an umbrelllla, followed by a song that sounds like S Club 7, while I CAD everything up. Not totally au fait with the genre, they are all starting to blend into one very similar and extremely long song.

But do you know what …. I’m actually ok with that. Usually I try to work when they are asleep or at school – but today it adds a different touch. A reminder of the reality of the lives of families I am designing for, giving the designs a testing ground and suffusing them in the light of a warm love.



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