Renovating with soul

In my search for inspiring homes that both express the personality of their owners and are also ecologically friendly, I have been regularily coming across projects by Jeremy Levine ( This is a little addition over an existing garage, to create a guest room and office, uses the beautiful warmth of timber to transform a simple space into a very special one.


His own Californian home is one I have had my eye on for a little while now. It features a relationship between the light ‘Case study’ tradition and the solidity of a Spanish colonial style. This fusion results in a great balance of thermal mass contrasted with sliding windows that open into courtyards and trees – the ideal thermal heating and cooling solution. The house looks new but is in fact a renovation of a 1940’s house, the details have been carefully crafted to make the most of every inch of space, and give the illusion of more.

This project illustrates a sensitivity to the age old principles of sustainable living with its passive cooling and thermal store stuccoed mass, then also embraces technology and new scientic ideas with its solar panels, greywater recycling and an inventive cooling rainwater window.

A wonderful transformation into a responsive, warm and welcoming home.

Living Room

Kitchen view to Deck

Interior View Tree House


Architect: Jeremy Levine Design

Flickr Images here

you can also read more about his own home in a Dwell Article:



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