House of Brinson

William and Susan Brinson are a talented couple. With backgrounds in photography and design they write a beautiful blog House of Brinson that is well worth reading if you are interested in food, art, design, photography, art&crafts, ceramics, travel …  Their own apartment was featured on Design Sponge a little while ago and is a wonderful inspiration for those who love collecting and gathering for their home. The neutral walls and backgrounds provide a wonderful palette for the beautiful furniture and treasures to be displayed against. I love Susan’s own words on her home, she describes the importance of having a home that feels ‘at ease’ and not over styled, a space where people can relax, a space which shows the soul of a home and the personality of the people who live there.

I couldn’t agree more. Architecture needs to respond specifically not only to unique climate, landscape, context, but also be responsive to the heart and soul (the children, parents and the dog!) of those who live within.


Photo Credits – William Brinson from House of Brinson and you can see more of his photography portfolio here:



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