espresso addictions

Every so often I have to suffer the pain of going cold turkey from coffee to give my body a break. Yes, I admit its an addiction, but there is nothing quite like the smell of ground coffee beans to awaken and revitalise. You may have noticed I tag architecture according to coffee types – Im not selective when it comes to caffeine – some are intended to soothe, others to converse with or perhaps to jolt you into living to the extreeme (especially with deadlines looming).

In a similar manner my love of different architecture types crosses most boundaries. I’m just as happy within a romantic villa, a hard edged modernist box or a white pragmatic interior, but there is always the architects longing at times for the espresso clarity and boldness of ‘strong’ architecture. This beautiful project in London by David Adjaye  for photographer Ed Reeve would have been hard to have missed in the last few years, and is an awakening shot of espresso to its neighbourhood, yet with calm and serene internal spaces. A true urban sanctuary that has been beautifully yet simply detailed. The architecture does the talking, I need say no more…




Architect – David Adjaye

Client and photographer – Ed Reeve (thankyou!) you can see more about the building on his site and his photography site

Also featured on Dwell



One thought on “espresso addictions

  1. yes, the architecture speaks for itself and what I hear it saying is “take it in slowly; let your addiction take care of itself; here’s where you pause and enjoy.” And…caffeine is actually good for the mind.


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