the kitchen table

The kitchen has changed a lot over the years, however the walls may have gone from the old ‘separate’ room philosophy, but in the standard Kiwi house when there is space to burn the U shape is the ‘pattern book’ language for ‘kitchen’. Its a little bit of a loss to my mind, because as most mothers know, the kitchen is the heart of the house. Its the space where everyone gathers for the rituals of sharing news, doing homework, baking cookies together, feeding toddlers, cooking, and of course eating! It brings to mind  the kitchens of olde where the kitchen table was the main preparation area, the servants quarters ….. perhaps there is still a desire to distinguish ourselves from this lowly position?


Source: Jonas Ingerstedt (thankyou)


Source:, Donnellday

I guess that after living in several houses with L shaped kitchens, I find that if it is well planned to have a good large area of uninterupted working bench space, it actually has a great deal of flexibility. A generous table located at the heart of the room means that you are not limited by how you decide to use the space. While it may not suit everyone or every home, I quite enjoy that nostalgic heart of the house feeling.


2 thoughts on “the kitchen table

  1. I love the idea of a kitchen table, would need a great designer like you Lisa to make it happen at our place.


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