Royal Stafford – Eva Zeisel




I do have a weakness for ceramics. These beautiful pieces are from Eva Zeisel, who sadly passed away recently. Incredible forms. They are available from the Royal Stafford online shop – I wonder if they would make it to NZ intact….?


3 thoughts on “Royal Stafford – Eva Zeisel

  1. I’m Eva’s daughter, and am wondering where you got the beautiful photos of the royal stafford pieces. Of course they would arrive intact! Thanks for the lovely posting.

  2. Hello! What a privilege to meet you, and please accept my heartfelt sympathies on the loss of your mother. What an amazing collection of work she achieved, the photos are from the Royal Stafford biography on (Please do let me know if you would rather not have them on here!). Warm regards, Lisa.

  3. Lisa, I,m thrilled the photos are on your site.  They look really nice.  Thanks for your nice words about my Mum.Best,JeanSent from my iPad


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