One, of the many, aspects that draws me to the work of Gerald Parsonson is that he has a great history of being able to work to any budget and achieve amazing and varied spaces all the same. The Tutere House (in Waikanae, NZ) has generous overhangs and protective edges, which echoes characteristics of the 1950s baches around it. (If you know our own house, you can see why I love its folding details down the sides and the open box form). It fits so well with its beach context and evokes a simpler era where a bach was crafted simply, but efficiently, from found and affordable materials. The wrap around roof evokes a ‘hold’, a protection from the elements while the window compostition adds a hand-crafted feel, as well as providing light variation inside. When you look other projects the practice has completed, they all have such variation – a brilliant reflection on an architect who applies design principles that are specific to the site, the client, the budget.

Parsonson Architects – (thankyou)
Photographers: Paul Mcredie
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