Verticals and Rhythm

Spaces have such an impact on our daily lives in ways we sometimes don’t expect.  ‘Good’ design is not just a ‘nice idea’ but essential to our wellbeing. The project I have journalled today is less to do with the fact that it is a secondary school, and more to do with the rhythms inherent in the design that have an impact on how we experience the space. The pockets of internal spaces & atriums within the building combined with louvres filtering the strong sunlight offers a feeling of musicality and harmony – similar to running a stick along a picket fence but by tapping into the rhythm with your eyes rather than your body. Can you feel it or is it just me?!

These are simple moves that can be incorporated into residential and commercial design – and no, I’m not advocating a wholesale purchase of louvres, but instead I love architecture that picks up on some of those qualities of light and musicality, that speaks and communicates other ideas and feelings rather than just the mere act of shelter.







Architects: Orts-Trullenque ArquitectosMarta orts, Carlos Trullenque
Location: Lloixa, Alicante, España
Photographer: Diego Opazo (thankyou!)



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