house and landscape


How do you build in a powerful landscape? It was often a subject of our student architecture studio projects – do you blend in, stand out, create architectural gymnastics to compete…. The ‘Home of the Year 2011’ by Michael O’Sullivan for the Harvey Family is a wonderful example of form fitting context. It doesn’t detract from the power of the Kare Kare beach landscape and even integrates the beaches black sand into the floor finish. The amazing view is beautifully framed rather than the typical glass box solution, while sheltering and filtering the powerful elements of the sun and wind. Beautiful.

You can see the links to Michaels own place and the development of ideas. He describes his own building as a testing ground for some of the concepts, which is why good architecture practices take time to grow and develop – building is not an instant art! I remember, as an architecture student, working in a lovely architecture practice down the hall from the Bull O’Sullivan offices. They had the best large stapler in the building so my lowly errands included running back and forth to fetch and return it …the things you do to get work experience and hope some of the magic and creative genius rubs off on you….!


Blogged With permission from Architect: Michael O’Sullivan

Photography by Patrick Reynolds



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