modelling sketches

Last model finished for the year. I am sometimes asked why I don’t use Archicad or Sketchup to model all the time – personally I find it a good break to get away from the computer and use my hands for making and creating. There’s a freedom in the ‘accidental’ discoveries, the non precision (there’s certainly a lot with my models) and the roughness of piecing something together in real space (with real gravity). I also prefer the tactile nature of working with different materials and the crazy structural properties of pva glue. That’s not to say that it doesnt have its drawbacks. For those looking for the laser cut precision of a professional model maker – look away – these models are for thinking, mulling over, working, stripping off and gluing back on in a different position – they are the equivalent of a notebook, with traces of the original sketches still found on the surfaces.

images: Donnell&Day



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